Hailing from Edinburgh, this Scottish pop/rock/blues band remind music lovers I've spoken to of The Verve, Kasabian, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Joy Division, The Stone Roses with a hint of Oasis' swagger. But irrespective of comparisons, they have their own sound for sure.

Now an established part of the Edinburgh Indie scene, The Tracks have cut their teeth playing in venues like Henry's Cellar Bar, The Voodoo Rooms, Bannermans and The Banshee Labyrinth. They've toured around various places out of their home town too, Penicuik, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Perth have all heard them and they are growing in stature with every gig.

The Tracks are founder members singer Michael and guitarist Dave, with drummer/producer Jim, guitarist Gaz and bassist Colin. They write and perform material written by Michael and Dave and play acoustic gigs at Edinburgh Record Shop, "Elvis Shakespeare" or venues like The Voodoo Rooms and Whistle Binkies, as well as being a fully-amped, balls to the wall kick-ass rock 'n roll band.

They released their debut EP "Know We're Here" - the first release on this label - on September 15th 2014 and have toured it ever since. Follow-up record "Dog In A Fight" dropped on 27th March 2017. See below for details on obtaining their music.

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The Tracks
Dog In A Fight (EP)

Released 27th March 2017 on CD and download/streaming formats. Order CD from the Infinite Hive Shop or CD and download from Bandcamp.

Downloads/streaming available on Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and Spotify.


  1. Dog In A Fight
  2. Don't Abuse It
  3. When I Get Lost
  4. Signs

The Tracks
Know We're Here (EP)

Released 15th September 2014. 10" vinyl available from Infinite Hive Shop, download from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Spotify. The limited-edition CDs all sold out, so if you find one, cherish it!


1. Know We're Here
2. Got No Reason To Moan
3. All We Have Is Now
4. Turn The Tide

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Video - "All We Have Is Now"

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